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For structural engineering, look no further than SRR Associates LTD, offering a branch of civil engineering dealing with the design and construction of structures for your home or property such as beams, building works and bridges. They can provide quality and knowledgeable advice on all of the structural aspects of your build, including

  • Extensions
  • Alterations
  • Re-builds
  • Beam calculations
  • Property purchase
  • Commercial projects


SRR Associates LTD can offer

  • Quality advice
  • Structural engineering design calculations and drawings
  • Structural inspections and assessments

SRR Associates work not only with members of the public but also with architects to ensure plans are structurally correct.

Why choose SRR Associates LTD?

Whether you're looking at a large extension project for your current home or looking to build something new, SRR Associates Ltd can help with all of the structural engineering aspects... From a large project to adding a few windows and doors, SRR Associates Ltd have the knowledge and experience to ensure the calculations are accurate and that your safety is ensured.

With years of experience behind them, you're in safe hands with SRR Associates Ltd.

Utilizing their specialist expertise, you can rely on SRR Associates Ltd to give a second opinion on architect designs and plans.

Contact SRR Associates LTD today...


The Orchard, Gorway Road, Walsall, UK, West Midlands WS1 3BE
Telephone: 07530 100 216